Talks by Marie Louise Kold

Talks by Marie Louise Kold

Words matter greatly to me. Both the ones I incorporate in my metal artwork and the ones I choose when I speak about art.

Art is at the center of all of my talks. When I speak about my own art, I talk about exploring a medium using methods that are uniquely my own, and my discoveries during more than twenty-five years of working with copper. One example of my art talks is the one held during my EX LIBRIS exhibition at the Bibliotheca in Valletta in May 2018, when I delved into the inspiration behind the works there.

My first years as a full time artist consisted of incessant work, but nothing to show for it. My entrepreneurial talks, such as the Creative Mornings one in Malmö, focus on how I went on to make an international name for myself and my art with tenacity, strategy and a massive enthusiasm for what I do. I believe I prove that it is entirely possible to make a living doing what you are passionate about, with integrity and without any compromises.

Words and their immense power, but also their vulnerability in a world where freedom of speech is increasingly under attack, is the focus of some of my other talks. For instance, the ones I have given about my large portrait of a murdered journalist. The portrait of Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was created using, in addition to my usual metals, printer’s ink from one of the printing presses that used to print the journalist’s words. The portrait hangs by the Press Conference Room in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, where it was unveiled in 2018. My unveiling speech and the short documentary about the portrait perfectly describe the portrait, my reasons for creating it, as well as its techniques and context. This is me at my most vehement, with strident comments delivered in ardent words, in order to communicate best extremely important issues within society.

I have spoken extensively about art, internationally and in a multitude contexts, the past twenty years.

I am available to give talks in English, Swedish or Danish.

Speech at the unveiling of the portrait of Daphne Caruana Galizia in the European Parliament in Strasbourg in 2018.
Artist’s talk during the EX LIBRIS exhibition at the Bibliotheca in Valletta in 2018.
Talk at Creative Mornings in Malmö in 2015.