TRANSIT is a very special series of artworks, whose creation started in 1906. An amazing copper tower on the old Malmö post office was slowly patinated over the course of the century that followed. Then it was my turn. The past six years I have continued the process of transforming the copper. It sounds like a fairy tale: I was entrusted with a century old copper tower by its art-loving owners, Volito. The tower was that of the beautiful old Malmö Central Post Office and the copper needed to be changed. In my hands (and heart) I had this magnificent copper from 1906 and, on my shoulders, the responsibility of taking care of this treasure and transforming it into art.

As I spent years working with it, I found that the copper wasn’t the only thing being transformed, in fact, my whole life changed. It feels like the copper and I have been on an incredible, tumultuous journey together.

I have created special letters, secretive books and parcels, magnificent columns and much more. The naturally aged copper has been joined by deeply etched, hand-written words and nature has snuck in, sprouting curious mushrooms and delicate flowers. With great care, the old copper has been given new life.

You can see a glimpse of the 2021 TRANSIT exhibition at STUDIO Malmö here.  All currently available TRANSIT artworks can be viewed in my Baldringe studio in southern Sweden, by booking a visit here.

The TRANSIT project has also resulted in a remarkable art book. Photographer Emma Larsson followed by work for more than two years. A glimpse of the book can be seen here on Emma’s Insta. The book was printed in a limited edition and is available for purchase from my studio. Priced at 950 SEK, all profit goes to The Shift News and their award-winning, investigative journalists. 

Below, some pages from the TRANSIT book. Photographer Emma Larsson, copywriter Johan Björklund, art director Mats Pamp.Commissioned by Volito and printed in a limited edition.