Do you have any questions about commissioning an artwork? This page contains a bit of information about the different types of commissions I have created, using etched and patinated copper, bronze and brass.

Information about commissions
While most of my art is created purely on the basis of my inescapable compulsions, ideas and emotions, I also take on many different kinds of commissions. For example, architectural elements, that range from very small to large and become part of buildings in a number of ways; portraits created using special techniques; prizes tailor-made to different events and recipients, as well as other bespoke works of varying sizes. On this page you can find a bit of information about the different types of commissions I have taken on so far. Feel free to get in touch if you have questions about a potential commission, whether of these types or anything else you might have in mind. 

Architectural commissions
Art generally tends to hang on a wall, but building the artwork INTO the wall – or even the floor – is something that really appeals to me. This is a way of making the art a permanent part of the building. Some works are very large, such as the 5.5×2.8 meter free-standing wall at Realdania’s reception. This work also needed to fill a practical function: that of improving the acoustics of the large granite room. The wall was first clad in sound-proofing material and then the patinated artwork was created in part using perforated or etched through sheets of copper and brass, thus retaining the important sound-proofing qualities of the wall. “Reimagination” is a work, a part of which used to be a beautiful copper roof on a villa. The roof needed changing and the house owners wanted some of the century-old copper to be used for a permanent work of art. The artwork was embedded in the renovated garden wall, so some of the copper was, in a sense, given back to the house. Building a new house also brings with it special opportunities. “Beyond” is a work of art that lives in the walls of a house in the Swedish archipelago. The work was built into a “niche” made to exact dimensions in the wall. That means the work is practically flush with the wall. At the same time it has considerable depth, and gives the wall a whole other dimension.

[Above, left to right: “Rich in Knowledge about Wings” at Realdania; “Reimagination”; and “Beyond”. You can read more about these projects and others by clicking the “Installations/architectural art” tab in the Gallery.]

Portrait commissions
I have created a number of commissioned portraits. They can be large and extremely time-consuming, such as my portrait of Mrs Wilma Bernstein, wife of Mr. Stuart Bernstein, former US Ambassador to Denmark. It was created using 2867 squares of individually patinated bronze. It’s a “puzzle” that is months and months in the making. The result is one that is basically abstract up close, and almost photographic at a distance. More recently I have created a number of etched “line portraits” of business leaders, royalty and private individuals. These works give the portrayed person a diverse and dynamic context, consisting of three-dimensional areas, many different structures and patterns and often a very personal text. The many different warm nuances of the metal vary a lot depending on the surroundings. These portraits are not one work of art, but many, and they are seen very differently depending on the light and angle at which the viewer sees them.

[Above, left to right: Portrait of Mrs Wilma Bernstein; my portrait of Princess Estelle being delivered to her father, Prince Daniel; and a private portrait commission, “Susanne”. You can see many more portraits by clicking the “Portraits” tab in the Gallery.]

Prize Commissions
I have been creating prizes for different events for over a decade. They have been awarded to world-renowned architectural firms and outstanding people in different professions and even to an internationally successful TV series . Depending on the situation (the event, the winner, the timeline), in some cases an existing artwork which fits well is chosen the awarding body. Other times, the prize is entirely tailor-made and often in the form of a trophy of one kind or another. Of course, bespoke prizes do not have be trophies. They can be created like a “regular artwork”, such as the work “Surface Tension”, which was the Metal Prize (Plåtpriset) in 2013, and awarded to WHITE Architects at the PLÅT Seminar. The past two years, PLÅT have commissioned prizes from me that look more like a “trophy”, created in a way that means the recipient can decide whether to hang it on a wall or leave it free-standing. My latest prize for “Best Malmö Ambassador”, commissioned by Malmö Stad, was a wall-hung artwork with many of the visual components of a trophy. It also included a piece of 110 year old copper from a famous building in Malmö, linking the work even more strongly to the city itself.

[Above: Plåtpriset (the Metal Prize)  2013 and its recipients, White Arkitekter; Malmöpriset (the Malmö Prize) for Best Malmö Ambassador 2016, who was Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry; and the Prize for Best Malmö Ambassador 2015, which was awarded to the TV series BRON (The Bridge). You can read more about these and many other prizes by clicking the “Prizes” tab in the Gallery.]

Other art commissions
Special artworks can be created for a number of events. Graduations, promotions, birthdays, weddings and many more. You can also commission work because you don’t find exactly what you’re after among my existing works. Depending on the size and complexity of the work, as well as my current schedule (which is almost always packed), it is often a good idea to start planning a commission one to two years in advance. I am always flexible whenever it’s possible, but there are no shortcuts and never any compromises in quality in anything that I do.